Celebrity Kicks


With celebrity brands proliferating in clothing lines, perfumes, and makeup, it’s no surprise to see an abundance of celebrity designers in footwear. From actresses such as Cameron Diaz to country singers like Miranda Lambert and even tennis star Maria Sharapova, it seems like every celebrity has … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson ‘Bowen’ Flat


Due to my recent celebrity encounter I have decided to post a Jessica Simpson shoe.  I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of hers, musically or as a designer, however this one sparked my interest enough for me to see what her shoe line was up to.  The 'Bowen' flat has a … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson ‘Fisper’ Boot


Every time I see some innocent unknowing girl wear this boot I want to cry (literally). I do not like this boot..not even a little bit. I definitely dislike..dare I say hate the scrunched parts of the leg and the molded one piece of leather wedge to the foot is not doing for me either. Jessica … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson ‘Henri’ Pump


If you haven't found that great black pump yet or yours is looking a little worn, search no more. The Jessica Simpson 'Henri' pump is chic, fun, and great for every occasion. I really feel like the round toe pump is more versatile than the pointy toe because you can wear this with work clothes but … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson ‘Elvie’ Sandal


Right when I saw these shoes I knew what dress would look perfect with these! I was looking through Styleitless.com and came along a post with a great purple dress on sale! It's deep purple with the contrast lavender color makes this dress perfect for a great pair of strappy silver shoes. To tie … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson ‘Dafa’ Wedge


I want to make a motion. I motion that Jessica Simpson stop making movies (forever), maybe come out with the occasional pop song and stick to designing shoes/clothes. I have been resistant to her shoes for a long time, however the 'Dafa' wedge has made me rethink just a little bit. With the not … [Read more...]