Enzo Angliolini ‘Nilla’ Sandal


Every spring Enzo does a variation of a gladiator sandal and this season is no exception.  The style is very similar to the last, but when something works so well, why change it?  This time they added a slight wedge and giving you the option for a cork wedge.  Normally I'm not for cork, but in this … [Read more...]

Enzo Angiolini ‘Looker’ Sandal


So strictly woman to woman... It's been a while since you've shaved your legs huh?  Hey, who could blame you, when it's cold all you wear is pants.  But warm weather is just on the horizon and that means dresses, skirts, and clean shaven legs! I mean... how else are you going to show off these … [Read more...]

Enzo Angiolini ‘Tells’ Sandal


Gladiator sandals are everywhere and I can't help but love them!  I do admit, I have posted a good amount in the past few months that I was able to post from Italy, but designers just keep getting better at creating them.  Enzo Angiolini went in the perfect direction of putting studs up along the … [Read more...]