Autumn Flats II: Crocs ‘Alice Mary Jane’


I know; mention of 'Crocs' brings a picture of their signature heel strap clog into your mind.  If you didn't like those, I think you might like these.  A more grown-up and stylish side to Crocs, I'm diggin the Alice Mary Janes - especially for the rain.  They're super cute and lightweight and have … [Read more...]

Crocs ‘Mary Jane’


Say what? Crocs on Heelcandy!? Yes and I am proud of it (kind of)! So here is my reason for putting Crocs's because I love options and when the much beloved Crocs came out with a different style than their usual (not so great looking) Clog inspired style I was sort of excited. Unexplained as … [Read more...]



Nurses, doctors, pregnant women, and the makers of Crocs. So in case your confused, let me clear the air...those are the only people who can wear crocs. So for the rest of you...I shake my head in shame. I refuse to buy crocs AND before you past judgment on me, I have in fact tried on a pair. … [Read more...]