Coloriffics Contest Winner!


Congratulations to our winner Helena! You are now the proud owner of an amazing pair of the Coloriffic Carmen in black satin. I love the Carmen's shape as well the simple bling on the strap, giving it that extra bit of elegance without being overmuch. Check your email shortly, as we need to know … [Read more...]

Bridal Shoes – Rewind

Nona                          Kimi                             Genevieve These are great shoes for any Bride and any type of gown.  The Nona is the perfect traditional shoe that will complement a structured gown made of a stiffer satin type of material and look great with any body type.  The Kimi … [Read more...]

Coloriffics ‘Desire’ Pump


Coloriffic's 'Desire' pump is going to be great for all those summer weddings and special occasions! I love the classic shape and style of the pump, but by adding the little detail of the stones in the middle of the cross strap allows them to stand out more. And since there is no ankle's … [Read more...]