Autumn Flats I: Biviel ‘BV1508′ Flat


Ok, let's be real, however funky the weather may be with 80 degree days in October - colder Autumn weather is approaching.  With the colder weather, I'm also going to predict some rain.  If you don't feel like wearing boots to keep your feet warm and dry, or think heels might be a precarious bet to … [Read more...]

Bridesmaids Shoes Part IV: Biviel Bv1208 Flat


I’m short, but I love flats that keep me close to the ground. I also recognize that there are some taller sisters out there who may not want to add inches to their already 5’10” frame. This Biviel ‘Bv1208’ is for you who are trying your hardest not to make the bride look vertically challenged in … [Read more...]

Biviel ‘Bv0997′ Pump


A few days ago my sister had purchased some Biviel shoes and suggested I put them on heelcandy. Taking her suggestion I found some cute Biviel shoes online and decided to post. These are very similar to the ones she had gotten and hers looked absolutely adorable with her jeans and semi-dressy top. … [Read more...]