BCBGirls ‘Wish’ Pump


Thick heel are officially in.  No more wobbling while you walk down the street, now you can wear heels and walk safely and in style! Bright colors are always great to give your darker fall and winter wardrobe a pop.  Red patent leather is a little tricky because it can look a little cheap, however … [Read more...]

BCBGirls ‘Petler’ Flat Boot


Flat boots are my ultimate vice.  And looking at the BCBGirls 'Petler' flat boot just proves that I will never ever get over my flat boot fetish.  The fall season is just around the corner... meaning it will be officially OK to wear boots whenever you want.  Although I will admit to wearing mine all … [Read more...]

BCBGirls ‘Irma’ Wedge


Still going for the classy look? The elegant look will never go out of style, so rest assured when everyone is wearing flip flops and colors in the spring and summer black and white will still be considered OK. This is the shoe with the unlikely name. BCBGirls has taught us that even a unique … [Read more...]

BCBGirls ‘Onella’ Sandal

Not only is yellow back with a vengeance..but bright colors are also! I think these patent leather sandals are funky, fun, and ready for the warm weather already. I have seen these on some people and they look great! I can totally see you wearing these on the beach at your picnic gathering or at … [Read more...]

BCBGirls ‘Kosty’ Pump


Tired of the drab uniform like clothing you are required to wear at work? Yea..I must admit I'm tired of seeing it. A great way to glam up your otherwise lackluster wardrobe is using accessories. These shoes in metallic would be perfect, it gives you a chance to show off a little bit and still be … [Read more...]

BCBGirls ‘Izzie’ Flat


Great color combinations make me happy...not only are they different but they give you ideas for an outfit you would never think of! The 'Izzie' flat has successfully paired red and pink together without making it look like it's part of a cupid outfit. By adding the black and purple it transforms … [Read more...]

BCBGirls ‘Iggy’ Sandal


So normally I am a gray and black kind of girl (as many of you may have guessed) however if I do bring another color into my wardrobe its royal blue. I love the richness and depth of the color. It's bright without being tacky and looks great on everybody! For me the 'Iggy' pump was a winner … [Read more...]

BCBGirls ‘Almond’ Flat


This funky new flat will definitely spice up any dull wardrobe.  It's not like any other flat out there right now, with the metallic colors and rose cutouts. Besides being airy so your feet can breathe (great in those warmer climates 'wink wink')  you will also look unique and trendy.  You won't … [Read more...]