BC Footwear “Oh Sailor” Sandal


These BC Footwear sandals have been on my list of "must have" shoes since the start of summer. Three months is a long time for me to wait on a pair of shoes, but a girl has to eat you know. What makes these sandals one of my favorites is the subtle, barely noticeable, zipper on the back. Yep, … [Read more...]

BC Footwear ‘Mixmaster’ Boot


I've come to realize that I hardly show any love to boots that are not of the knee length variety.   But the truth is I love all boots, from ankle to over the knee and my latest obsession is boots that hit mid calf or right below. I'm really digging the knot in the back along with the pleating.  I … [Read more...]

BC Footwear ‘Sprint’ Wedge Moccasin

BC Footwear-Sprint-Wedge Moccasin

Look familiar?  I hope so, because these were popular a couple years back.  BC Footwear has brought back the boat shoe (or moccasin as BC calls it) with a wedge.  I remember not liking these at first, but later they began to grow on me.  The more I saw them with cute little cotton summer dresses, … [Read more...]

BC Footwear ‘Eclipse’ Flat


It's sort of ironic to see a flower pattern inside this very edgy sandal. However flower pattern aside I am still on the fence about this sandal. Initially I like it, but then I begin to think there may be too much metal and the front of the shoe is awkward. But I do really dig the overlapping … [Read more...]

BC Footwear ‘Threes Company’ Wedge


Another pattern that is hard to pull off on shoes, hwoever I love the vertical yellow and cream stripes on this wedge! With little circle cutouts and buttons adding to the details this wedge could not be more cute! I think these would be really cute with shorts of bermuda shorts. Get Them: BC … [Read more...]

BC Footwear ‘Melting Point’ Wedge


Keeping it neutral for spring? BC Footwear has made the wedge a little more casual by adding the twist of lace in the front. Having the wedge a little lower means you can stay in them longer and with the buckle adjustment no worries that they won't quite fit right. I even love the little surprise … [Read more...]

BC Footwear ‘Love at First Sight’ Flat


I must admit, it was not love at first sight for me. I still remain undecided, however I think it would look adorable on someone in the teenager age group, but for anyone older than 17 I advise you not to get shoes like these. The reason I say this is because I saw a woman, maybe mid 30's wearing … [Read more...]

BC Footwear ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ Flat


While walking outside earlier today I managed to check out peoples shoes (trying to keep my mind off the bitter cold) and noticed a brave girl wearing these BC Footwear flats. Now, when I say brave I mean that she wore these when it felt like it was about to snow, and we all know you can't wear … [Read more...]

BC Footwear ‘Banana Split’ Flat


Looking for a casual flat that you can throw on with a cute t-shirt or sweater? Well look no further, the 'Banana Split' offers a comfortable and cute way to be stylish. Sometimes we just don't feel like thinking about what goes with what, luckily for us this flat can be worn everyday but has … [Read more...]