Bridesmaids Shoes Part IV: Biviel Bv1208 Flat


I’m short, but I love flats that keep me close to the ground. I also recognize that there are some taller sisters out there who may not want to add inches to their already 5’10” frame. This Biviel ‘Bv1208’ is for you who are trying your hardest not to make the bride look vertically challenged in pictures. This Biviel flat has great detail at the top with the disc-tie combo. It’s got a little bit of sheen to dress-up the shoe and will look ridiculously cute with any type of dress in any type of color (except maybe white – but that’s ok, you shouldn’t be wearing white anyway). Though I will say this shoe would be better suited for a less “black-tie” affair type of wedding. I’ve got a pair of Biviel heels and can wear them comfortably all day. Biviel makes their shoes so that the heel fabric comes up to the perfect high above the ankle so that you don’t have to worry about it hurting at the point where your ankle bends backward when walking. All you ladies who have endured that kind of torture on a long day without spare shoes know exactly what I’m talking about – no amount of band-aids can pad your foot enough to be comfortable when that happens. So be fabulous and comfortable with the BV1208!

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