Bridal Shoes – Rewind


Nona                          Kimi                             Genevieve

These are great shoes for any Bride and any type of gown.  The Nona is the perfect traditional shoe that will complement a structured gown made of a stiffer satin type of material and look great with any body type.  The Kimi is great to play up a more simple gown and give the entire look a hip and trendy updated look.  The staight lines of the t-strap also help it to go great with the flowy and the structured gown as well.  And lastly the Genevieve is a great delicate looking shoe to soften the look of any dress and bride that is elegant and detailed enough without a ton of embellishment to go beautifully with just about anything and anyone.

Simple hints:  When choosing a shoe to go with your wedding gown, think of the the style, material, and length of your gown (so how much of the shoe will actually show up in the pictures).  If it is a simple gown then mix things up with detailed and accented shoe.  If it’s a gown that is made of a brocade or stiff satin with a lot of embellishment, try to go with something more simple.  And if the gown is very delicate and erethreal then it’s a good idea to stay with that same theme and get a shoe that has the same feel to make everything cohesive. And above all, keep in mind that you’ll be wearing these shoes for a while. Make sure you walk around in the shoe for several hours at home before making a decision.  It definitely doesn’t make for a great Kodak moment if you are limping the first dance with your new husband.

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