Bridal Kid’s Shoes – See Kai Run; Meet Radik, Indria and ‘Kathryn’

For the sake of completeness and because these baby/toddler shoes are so incredibly cute, I had to include a post (albeit a bit longer than my others) for our little man the ring bearer and flower girl(s).
You may not have heard of ‘See Kai Run’, and that wouldn’t be a surprise. See Kai Run hasn’t been around that long (est. 2004), but they have definitely made their mark in the baby/toddler shoe world for comfort and urban style.

Ring Bearer


‘Radik’ in this slightly shiny black leather is the perfect for the little man. It will go great with his mini-tux, and the star shaped cut-outs on each side keeps the shoe youthful and will make him look like the rock star he is.

Flower Girl





For the little princess, the “Indria” in the soft white with silver star cut-outs will help her make a ridiculously cute entrance as she flounces down the aisle to introduce all ya’ll brides. Plus, the opening at the front of the shoes gives the little girl a chance to feel glamorous and “grown-up” by painting her tiny tot toes. If you’d like something a bit more traditional but still equally cute with great details also check out the Kathryn (being sold exclusively at Zappos)

All shoes are made of soft flexible materials and are padded to keep these kids walking or running comfortably for what will most likely be a very long day for them. The soles are made of flexible rubber with traction to help keep them on course down the aisle, and while they make mayhem at all other times. The velcro top straps also help do their job to make sure the shoes don’t fall off. Seen in magazines and gracing the feet of Brangelina’s little Zahara and TomKat’s Suri, you know you’ll be making a smart choice to choose to have the little tikes wear these shoes

Get Them: See Kai Run ‘Radik’

Get Them: See Kai Run ‘Indria’

Get Them: See Kai Run ‘Kathryn’


  1. Erin says

    Oh my gosh, these shoes are so cute!!! I love them, I’m definitely going to get them for my little cousins. They already have a pair of See Kai Runs, but these will be perfect for a wedding this summer they will be in. Thanks!

  2. steph says

    *squeal*… how cute!! (And I’m not one to squeal.) These are the most adorable little people shoes!