Biviel ‘Bv0997′ Pump


A few days ago my sister had purchased some Biviel shoes and suggested I put them on heelcandy. Taking her suggestion I found some cute Biviel shoes online and decided to post. These are very similar to the ones she had gotten and hers looked absolutely adorable with her jeans and semi-dressy top. Whats great about this shoe is it’s rustic charm, it can be worn casual or dressy. The low thick heel allows more comfort which in turn lets you stay in them longer! Don’t forget to look at the back, there is a surprising back buckle which gives it that extra touch.

Get them:   Biviel ‘Bv0997′ Pump


  1. Kelly says

    Hmm.. I’m torn on these ones. They look super comfy but I’m not sure if they are too chunky for my taste.

  2. says

    i think they’re super cute but you’d have to wear the right outfit so they don’t look “grandma-ish.” :) and the brand is Biviel. just fyi…

  3. Sara says

    Yea at first glance I thought they looked old ladiesh..and I almost didn’t put it up! But seeing them on my sister who is in her mid 20’s changed my mind, they looked really cute on her.