Birkenstock Piazza


Birkenstocks are not just for so called tree-huggers and hippies. After spending a week in Munich, Germany (the sandals’ country of origin of course), I caved in and bought a pair of Birkenstocks. I took a side trip to the home of “The Sound of Music,” in Salzburg, Austria and wore these babies all day long from the train station and as I walked the hills and streets of the city from morning ’till night. No pain. Trust me on this , they are ridiculously comfortable and not to shabby looking either, plus, they will last forever because..well..they are Birkenstocks. I’ve never heard of one breaking down, ever. So here’s the pair that I pick for ya’ll to try out if you don’t want to go with the old school one or two strap sandal. This cute little Piazza sandal will give you comfort, last forever, and always somehow be in fashion – even if it’s not cutting edge – no one could fault you for wearing them. =) There’s a reason why Birkenstocks still sell and have had to make very very few changes to it’s original style – so jump on the band wagon and pick up a pair.

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