BCBGirls ‘Zabrina’ Peep toe Pump

Bcbgirls Zabrina Peep Toe Pump

BCBGirls heel is one of my favorite shoes right now because of its contemporary design. From the sleek square on the front to the sling back. The one pictured above is actually navy blue and has some texture to go with it. these heels ar also available in patent leather, which is really hot. Just think ladies…no more rushing to the bathroom or trying to use your spoon as a mirror when you have something on your teeth, just pretend you dropped something and take that quick check in your new ultra sleek and sexy heels.

Get them: BCBGirls


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  2. Sara says

    Hey Darren! Thanks for the complement, I write what I think other people want to know, so It’s nice to know it’s appreciated!