BCBGirls ‘Petler’ Flat Boot

Flat boots are my ultimate vice.  And looking at the BCBGirls ‘Petler’ flat boot just proves that I will never ever get over my flat boot fetish.  The fall season is just around the corner… meaning it will be officially OK to wear boots whenever you want.  Although I will admit to wearing mine all summer as well. I love the richness of this amber brown and the subtle wedge gives you a slight lift.  If your mind works anything like mine.. you already have your outfits picked out, even the complementing accessories.

Get Them:  BCBGirls ‘Petler’ Flat Boot


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    do i love them?!?!? yes i do. i just recently copped a pair of gray booties by wanted, they are about mid calf length. adorablleeeeee