Autumn Flats I: Biviel ‘BV1508′ Flat

Ok, let’s be real, however funky the weather may be with 80 degree days in October – colder Autumn weather is approaching.  With the colder weather, I’m also going to predict some rain.  If you don’t feel like wearing boots to keep your feet warm and dry, or think heels might be a precarious bet to take walking along rain slick sidewalks – you’ll want to pay attention to the next few posts.  I’m going to give ya’ll some options with some great flats that will keep your feet dry and/or warm and comfortable.

Here’s the Biviel ‘BV1508′ flat.  I won’t deny when I first looked at these shoes, they looked a little homely, but after a while they really grow on you.  Promise, peeking out from under a pair of pants – they won’t disappoint. I love the dark wine color that is great for the season and the stitched front detail at the top.  It’s a nice deviation from the buckles, buttons, and bows that have been popular embellishments.  As a loyal Biviel customer, I also vouch for the comfort and ‘safety’ of this brand.  With the rubber sole and extra circular  ‘Biviel’ die-cut at the bottom will keep ya stable.

Get Them: Biviel ‘BV1508′ Flat

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