ASGI ‘Joy’ Mary Jane


Since gas prices have hit us all pretty hard my guess is a lot of you have taken up walking, like I have. A little extra walking never hurt anyone, however bad shoes have.  That’s why it is super important to have shoes that you can walk all day in without limping by the end of the day.  I had the opportunity to try out the ASGI ‘Joy’ and I must say it was surprisingly comfy from the get go.  After walking in them for a while I was pleasantly surprised to find that my feet were doing great, probably thanks to their advanced technology in what they call ‘soleplex’.  This soleplex was designed specifically for the comfort of your foot. The only thing that I would change on this shoe is the silver lining, which can detract from how wonderful this shoe can be.

Get Them: ASGI ‘Joy’ Mary Jane 


  1. pat says

    I just bought my first pair of asgi shoes – mary janes, perhaps last year’s line (don’t look like the mary janes on It took me awhile in the store to make the decision because of the heel – I wonder if asgi could close up the open space in the heel. But I’m thoroughly fascinated by these shoes. Finally – and I’ve looked a long time – shoes with a substantial feel (the sole is firm, the shoe is extremely well made) that’s also very stylish. I will go anywhere to find these shoes again.