Adidas Originals House Party

What is it like to be invited to a ultra cool hip hop/sports Adidas party? I’m not quite sure, however the only thing that crossed my mind when I watched this video was, “Where is it and How do I get in?”  Adidas has been bringing us style mixed in with an urban edge since Run D.M.C sported their shoes without laces.  Since then Missy Elliot and fashion designer Stella McCartney have gotten in on the action.

Adidas is finding its way into the spotlight once again, merging a few of my favorite things, hip hop, sports, and fashion.  It’s not all about stilettos and patent leather, sometimes we all need to hangout in our hoodies and sneakers.  But this time around we won’t have to sacrifice our personal style.

Calling all Yoga doers, music lovers, and sports players… embrace the brand that designs for all of us.

P.S Remember those big puffy black (or blue) Adidas coats we all wore with the 3 stripes going down the arms?  Classic.

Get There: