Shoes and writing are pretty much my favorite things to do. So because a majority of my time is spent around shoes its literally impossible for me to not have an opinion about them. Although I am biased to my own tastes, I know what people like and hey if you can pull them off more power to you!

If you have already read some of my stuff you may have noticed that I’m slightly sarcastic, like to joke around, but above all you can count on me to be honest. Like a good friend I’m going to give you the low down on all the hot shoes, (plus some not so great ones) and I’m not afraid to go against the grain. So go ahead, sit down with your snack and computer in front of you and get to know me and the shoes I write about.

The necessities:

Pairs of shoes I own: About 16 pairs…I don’t buy unnecessary shoes

Favorite pair (as of the moment): Gray Seychelles ‘At Last’ Boot

Essential accessory: My iPod so I can strut in my shoes (Travolta style)

Favorite shoe trend: Buckles

Must have shoe: Black heels/boots

Email me: heelcandy@gmail.com