Jessica Simpson ‘Bessie’ Pump

jessica simpson bessie pump

Look, I love patent leather as much as the next girl, however I don’t feel patent can be worn in just any color. If your going to get a pair patent leather pumps I highly suggest you stick to the darker colors. It can easily look borderline ‘tacky’ if done the wrong way with bright colors. The only exception to this rule is a red patent leather pump, if you’re using it as an accent color, maybe pairing a little red clutch with it. The orange patent shoe shown above is one of those borderline shoes, but closer to the tacky side. The only time I recommend wearing these is on Halloween…like today (see how I did the orange shoe on Halloween? Clever, I know). But by all means if you feel like you can pull these shoes off be my guest, maybe one day I will pass you wearing these and change my mind.

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