7 ‘secrets’ to Heelcandy’s Sara

Recently I have tagged by Style it Less’s Dexie to tell 7 secrets about myself..so here goes..

1.) I love Disney Channel movies…Some of my favorites include: Susie Q, Wish Upon a Star, and Zenon: Girl of the 21st century.

2.) For novels I am required to read for class I usually read Sparknotes.com first and skim the book (wikipedia has also helped me through some difficult times)

3.) I can be an impulse buyer…unforutnately it’s usually with the more expensive items

4.) I hate, hate when teachers don’t erase everything off the white board and there are lingering remnants of what was written earlier

5.) If people assume that the clothing I am wearing is a more expensive brand that it is..I smile and nod

6.) I haven’t seen my natural hair color since I was 14…but ironically enough my hair is always a variation of my real hair color

7.) I can’t do anything without music in the background..and I have play lists for every situation I am in.

So in the spirit of Christmas I am now passing this Meme onto…..

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Happy Holidays all!



  1. says

    Sara – I share many of your secrets. I am also an impulse buyer and I absolutely hate it when teachers leave previous classes writings on the board. In addition, I have my own secret just for you … I adore shoes and even more, I adore smart, savvy, friendly people who share my love of shoes. Thanks for sharing your secrets with me, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Sara says

    Yay, I’m not a complete weirdo with the white board thing..I was afraid was alone on that front! =)