Justsweet ‘Phaedra’ Wedge (Holiday shoes pt.1)

Justsweet Phaedra Wedge

The holiday season is upon us and with that you will need a great party shoe. Women notice shoes, its really simple as that, so if you show up to your holiday event with a great outfit and the wrong shoes, there will be whispering and pointing. Luckily I have some great special occasion shoes that will make you stand out and be the envy of fellow co-workers at the work party or your friends at the annual holiday get together. I am also a firm believer in wearing shoes more than once. So don’t think you will be spending a lot of money to wear something only once and then finding yourself reluctantly dumping them in the ‘giveaway’ box a year later (Because you couldn’t wait the 20 years for them to come back in style). The Justsweet wedge is for those more casual parties, probably for the younger women who are looking for a cute flirty shoe. One other plus for this shoe is that its a wedge..so that means more balance/support for those women who (ahem) have too much fun at those holiday parties.

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