Rainbow Sandals


Ok, ok it's not summer yet, but the season is right around the corner. Though with the rain and wind we are having in San Francisco you wouldn't be able to tell. If you live in an area with sun or just see yourself wandering down to the beach, then chances are you already own a pair of sandals. I … [Read more...]

Jimmy Choo Lancer Sandal


This is one of the best classic evening wear sandals with a heel that you can find. The Jimmy Choo Lancer Sandals are just beautiful to look at, from their silver suede to the elegant side profile, this is one elegant looking sandal. It is definitely a show stopper, and I'm sure any girl walking … [Read more...]

BCBGeneration Galileos Thong Sandal


We've been having really great weather here in San Francisco lately, and so it has me thinking about a new pair of sandals. It definitely seems like the shoe makers are catching onto the embellished sandal, as I've been seeing more and more sandals like the BCBGeneration Galileos Thong Sandal. … [Read more...]

Nike Free Run+ 2 Running Shoe


Every girl needs a workout shoe, whether it's for the gym or for running outside during a nice day. I love the new Nike Free Run+ 2 running shoes because they are so light. They also have an inner sleeve that hugs your foot, so rather than making my feet look super bulky like most cross trainers … [Read more...]

Steve Madden Russhh Snip Toe Pump


So after a week long of posting about sandals, sneakers, and TOMS, it is time to get back to our roots. Here is the Steve Madden Russhh Snip Toe Pump, in all it's high-heeled height. I really like the patent leather look in this pump, and the boldness of the figure. This is a beautiful looking … [Read more...]

Tabitha Simmons Dana Sandal


So every once in a while I like to walk down the expensive aisle, and see what I'm missing out on, classic window shopping. Jennifer Anistan doesn't really have this problem, and so she can afford these wonderful Tabitha Simmson Dana Sandals. If you are evenly remotely tan this beige color would … [Read more...]

Jcrew Rainy Day Ballet Flat


The Jcrew Rainy Day Ballet Flat is a nice alternative to the Hunter boot in misty weather conditions. If you don't mind a little rain (and we are talking light rain here) then the Jcrew Rainy Day flat might be for you. I like to think of these Jcrew flats as a better looking version of the Croc … [Read more...]