Not Rated “Royal Bounty” Ankle Boot


I don't own a lot of ankle boots (probably because I just love the knee length boots so much) but the Not Rated "Royal Bounty" ankle boot is one that I really would like to have. A simple rule to follow is that if you are going to wear an ankle boot it helps if the boot has some detail on it, like … [Read more...]

Naughty Monkey “Juggernaut” Boot


If you are like me and do a lot of walking to and from work, then you can definitely appreciate this wedge boot from Naughty Monkey. What I really like about this boot is that the wedge is subtle, it is almost like the buckle on the side keeps you from noticing the actual wedge. Which, by the way, … [Read more...]

Bandolino “Berry” Heel


The Bandolino "Berry" heel is probably one of the most popular shoes of the past year. There are no cute buckles or flashes of gold, it is just a perfectly done classic heel. The dark grey tweed color show above is my absolute favorite color that the Berry comes in, and gives it a softer, gentler … [Read more...]

Storksak “Suzi Red Label” Diaper Bag


This post is for all the mothers out there that feel like they are forced to buy large unwieldy bags to fit all of their "must haves" for their new baby. No one said that you have to find the most plain looking tote just because you became a mother, and this bag was here to save you from that … [Read more...]

Frye “Melissa Button” Boot


One of my favorite shoe brands is Frye, and along with Seychelles they make some of best boots a girl could have. The Frye Melissa Button boot is super comfy on the inside with a leather lining, and has buttons on the top that make it easy to put them on. If you've ever owned knee length boots, … [Read more...]

BC Footwear “Oh Sailor” Sandal


These BC Footwear sandals have been on my list of "must have" shoes since the start of summer. Three months is a long time for me to wait on a pair of shoes, but a girl has to eat you know. What makes these sandals one of my favorites is the subtle, barely noticeable, zipper on the back. Yep, … [Read more...]

Sam Edelman “James” Boot


The Over-The-Knee boot is something that every girl needs in her shoe closet. These boots are statement shoes, dramatic with a "can't be missed" appeal. That said, I love the Sam Edelman James boot, mainly because of the clean lines along the foot and the top zipper. Also, remember, when you are … [Read more...]

Hunter “Hunter Original” Boots


Autumn is one of the prettiest times of the year, but also one of the most wet. So when it is raining, a girl needs rain boots. The queen of rain boots right now are the Hunter Original Boots by, guess who, Hunter. =). I love the top-strap that keeps the top of the boots tight and form fitting, … [Read more...]