L.A.M.B ‘Tansy’ Pump


It's always a bit worrisome that certain shoes with a narrow tall heel and a platform could look a bit... well skanky.  But there is a solution to this problem and a lot of it has to do with the material.  Gwen has paired this high heeled peep toe pump with a mixture of suede and a wooden heel. … [Read more...]

FRYE ‘Elizabeth Criss Cross’ Boot


True, I said that I was slowly getting into mid level boots, but who can really deny a great looking boot, knee high or not?  I am constantly lusting after FRYE boots.  Not only are they great quality but they have a certain charm that is irresistible.  It combines practicality and fashion into one … [Read more...]

Madden Girl ‘Singerr’ Boot


For those of us who are on a budget but still want to look good then I definitely have the boot for you.  Madden Girl has managed to give us affordable fashion.  I have slowly transitioned from tall knee high boots to mid level.  If you like to tuck your jeans into your boots then opt for a mid … [Read more...]

Elie Tahari ‘Vivianna’ Pump


A little color to brighten our day.  Yes, it's in the middle of December and yes, you are probably in the midst of the coldest day yet... but that doesn't mean we can't perk ourselves up with a great pair of pink patent leather pumps.  I will be the first to admit that pink isn't my favorite color … [Read more...]

Alexander McQueen ‘216794’ Pump


Alexander McQueen embodies the idea of edginess meets romance.  I don't have to see the price to know that this is outrageously priced and well out of most of our ranges.  But every once in a while it's nice to look upon a shoe and know that in a few months (or more) other designers will be copying … [Read more...]

Hunter ‘Original’ Boot


Rain boots aren't just a fashion fad during the rainy/snowy seasons... well at least the Hunter boot isn't. Hunter has claimed its spot as the number one rain boot.  Even though they sometimes do patterned rain boots I prefer one of the many solid colors they let you choose from and this season it's … [Read more...]

UGG ‘Brookfield Tall’ Boot


Looking out my window and gazing upon the fresh fallen snow has reminded me that it is about time I start gearing up for the cold weather (and all that comes along with it).  Now not only do we need to worry about what outfits go with what shoes but how to stay warm and fashionable.  Never fear … [Read more...]