Romantic Soles ‘Abbey’ Flat


I know purple is the color of the moment right now, but it can share the spotlight.  This equally amazing color looks good on everyone, it's really all about the delivery.  Bright blue is a great accent color, especially on shoes.  Romantic Soles designed the perfect flat, with the … [Read more...]

Dolce Vita ‘Jake’ Boot


Every time I come across a great boot I have to post it.  Dolce Vita seems to be striking my fancy lately because I'm finding fantastic shoes that are modern and simple.  I'm really digging the color of this boot, it's gray with a splash of taupe...gaupe if you will? Ok, so that word doesn't look or … [Read more...]

Dolce Vita ‘Madison’ Pump


For the first time ever (and maybe the only time) I will admit I am a bit tired of black pumps.  But before you start a riot over this bold statement, let's think about it for sec... aren't there other equally great colors that go with almost anything as well?  Yes, yes there is!  The Dolce Vita … [Read more...]

Bally ‘Winnie’ Pump


Gray - check, cute ribbon ornament - check, platform with high heel - check.  So it turns it out that this is my perfect gray pump.  I love how fall and winter bring out the many shades of gray in all its glory. Gray is no longer boring, but unexpected, elegant, and a lot more trendy than you may … [Read more...]


I have a confession.  Not only do I obsess over shoes but I also have a special place in my heart for handbags.  There is something about having the right clutch, bag or tote that can transform your outfit (of course with the help of a great pair of shoes).   If you are like me and can't get … [Read more...]

Sofft ‘Freeda’ Ankle Boot


Another ankle boot we can all rejoice for.  Sofft has been making comfortable shoes since its conception (hence the name).  This 3 inch ankle boot is no exception.  I'm always on the hunt for comfortable heels and when I saw this adorable folded ankle boot was made by Sofft I had to share it with … [Read more...]

Frye ‘Sunny’ Ankle Boot


I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the 'ankle boot' I was a little put off.  Fashion trends don't always strike everyone's fancy.  However with time I have grown to really dig the ankle boot, especially when worn with a skinny or straight leg jean.  The Frye 'Sunny' boot caught my attention … [Read more...]

Sam Edelman Utah Boot


Fringe is quickly becoming my new favorite trend this season, and the Sam Edelman Utah Boot is a great example of fringe used in the perfect way.  I, myself find it very intimidating to wear, however if you like a challenge do not shy away from this one!  I love the diagonal lines of the fringe and … [Read more...]