DV by Dolce Vita ‘Olive’ Sandal


This is not your usual brown or black sandal.  With a glance these sandals may come off pink, but notice the metallic sheen.  Copper has longed been over looked, but it couldn't have picked a better time to come out.  Copper looks great on darker skin tones and summer is just the season for your … [Read more...]

DV by Dolce Vita ‘Darla’ Sandal

DV by Dolce Vita-Darla-Sandal

A new relationship has formed between the Birkenstock and gladiator sandal.  No one knew that this newly formed couple could make it work, but DV's 'Darla' has proved us all wrong.  The crackled gold with the wooden brown wedge is a reason to put a different edge to your summer dresses and jean … [Read more...]

Prari ‘Gemma’ Flat


Flowy, flowery, and fun are the 3 F's to remember when wearing these adorable flats. Flowy mini dress are in right now and what perfect way to balance their delicateness with cute light pink patent leather flats. I love how the soft gold buckle adds to the elegance of the double ankle strap. You … [Read more...]

Juicy Couture ‘Imagine’ Pump

Juicy Couture-Imagine-Pump

If your feeling kind of bummed that it's summer and you still have to put on that black suit for work? So I can't do much for your suit problem, however I can help you add a nice touch of color while elevating your style. The Juicy Couture 'Imagine' pump is low enough to wear to work but definitely … [Read more...]

White Mountain Plaid Print Fabric Thong Sandals


  It's summer and you can now trade your boots for some thong slippers.  I recently tried the White Mountain Plaid Print Fabric thongs and must say they are super cute and comfy.  The print is great and the fabric is slightly cushioned to make it even more comfortable with the spongy sole.  … [Read more...]

Ralph Lauren ‘Nadine’ Wedge

Ralph Lauren Nadine Wedge

I've always admired Ralph Lauren's preppy clean cut designer style.  His shoes are the same as his clothing, casual but elegant.  I love the simplicity of the 'Nadine' wedge.  The slightly pointed round toe is a perfect canvas for the crossover straps in the front.  Don't forget to notice the little … [Read more...]

Stuart Weitzman ‘Mozart’ Oxford

Stuart Weitzman Mozart Oxford

I'm hoping the name 'Mozart' rings a bell for all of you out there.  If you look closely, these shoes,  indeed are slightly reminiscent of his fashion.  He was a trend setter in his music and apparently Stuart Weitzman is using his trend setting ways to enter the shoe world.   Weitzman is switching … [Read more...]

Heelcandy Shoe Game!


  Hello ladies! I hope you have paying close attention to heelcandy shoes because now there is a game where you can choose your favorites! Have a chance to win $20 if you get on the leader board!  Solitaire and Hearts on your computer get old pretty fast, so I suggest switching it up with a more … [Read more...]

Nike Shox ‘Calistra’ Flat


Nike has also provided us with comfortable shoes that can be worn casually.  I have been a fan of the Nike Shox for a while, but only in their athletic shoes, so when I came across the 'Calistra' I was pretty pumped.   I love this design, it's clean, simple, and functional.  It comes in 3 different … [Read more...]