BC Footwear ‘Love at First Sight’ Flat


I must admit, it was not love at first sight for me. I still remain undecided, however I think it would look adorable on someone in the teenager age group, but for anyone older than 17 I advise you not to get shoes like these. The reason I say this is because I saw a woman, maybe mid 30's wearing … [Read more...]

BC Footwear ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ Flat


While walking outside earlier today I managed to check out peoples shoes (trying to keep my mind off the bitter cold) and noticed a brave girl wearing these BC Footwear flats. Now, when I say brave I mean that she wore these when it felt like it was about to snow, and we all know you can't wear … [Read more...]

Dolce Vita ‘Tahiti’ Wedge


Pretty hot shoe huh? Dolce Vita has accomplished the buckle, black leather and high wedge shoe without making it look tacky. I love this shoe, with the natural looking wedge to the gold buckles! The strap work is clean and interesting, which will make it stand out in all the right ways! Pair these … [Read more...]

Vans ‘Abby’ Flat


You know that time of year when nautical always seems to come back in style? Well it's coming to about that time. I've seen the other nautical theme shoes out there..but so far I really dig these. So yes, they are vans and are 'supposedly' skate shoes, however do you see the lining? (yup..that's … [Read more...]

Franco Sarto ‘Karat’ Sandal


I admit..I have been doing quite a bit of sandals lately, but you can't blame me! There are so many cute styles coming out! Instead of the Greek goddess look Franco Sarto has chosen to go with an edgier sandal. I love the patent leather with the silver metal studs. I also like the use of the … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson ‘Fisper’ Boot


Every time I see some innocent unknowing girl wear this boot I want to cry (literally). I do not like this boot..not even a little bit. I definitely dislike..dare I say hate the scrunched parts of the leg and the molded one piece of leather wedge to the foot is not doing for me either. Jessica … [Read more...]

Report ‘Hali’ Wedge


I love different details like the leaf strap work on the Report 'Hali' wedge because it's unique and fun. This shoe just looks like spring to me, the color and the flower lining make it nearly impossible not to want to put on a pretty dress and go somewhere. Prepare for the warm weather ladies,  … [Read more...]

Nine West ‘Heech’ Sandal


So think jet setter meets dominatrix. I'm not quite sure how to feel looking at a sandal like this. I posted it in white because I think it looks more like a high fashion shoe rather than something I would find in one of those 'special' love stores (wink wink). I think the right women could … [Read more...]

Fitzwell ‘Anya’ Sandal Wedge


Here is your classic wedge with some fancy strap work. The cork is a great look for wedges and the uniform way in which it is stacked makes it look polished and clean. The straps are pretty and are perfect for pants or dresses. And get this ladies..anyone can wear them! With no ankle strap, this … [Read more...]